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MEO File Encryption for Mac

Encrypt or decrypt files of any type on Mac OS X using this powerful data encryption tool
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Mac OS
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24 June 2009

Publisher's description

MEO is a powerful data encryption application to encrypt or decrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, emaill and PDF documents on Mac OS X. MEO allows you to protect your sensitive data against un-authorized viewers by utilizing the latest data encryption technologies. Keep your documents safe and secure with this free data encryption software.
. MEO also features the ability to create self-extracting encrypted files. This is handy for those who like the freedom to view their encrypted files without the need for installing any other encryption software. Also, many downloads now days supply a checksum or hash value for you to verify the integrity of your download. Meo allows you to create and verify MD5 checksums, SHA-1 hashes and Tiger Tree hashes.
~ Easily encrypt data from a single click of a button
~ Decrypt files that have been encrypted using MEO
~ Create self-extracting encrypted files that are accessible from any computer. All you need is the password.
~ Encrypt or Decrypt entire folders of data
~ Windows Explorer popup menu integration
~ MEO will automatically log all operations to a file
~ Simple and intuitive interface

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